Alsip Residents, thank you for making our day brighter!

In an officer’s line of work, the men and women that keep our community safe are fueled by compliments like the feedback below.  The Alsip Police Department would like to thank the community for their support!


Happy Halloween, Chief!

Families appreciated the extra patrol tonight, snacks, and bags:

Heather Jansen-Tomkow Loved seeing the police presence tonight! And the goodie bags for the kids after school. We have an amazing P.D.!

Amanda Wehrwein Bettio‎ to Alsip PD

Thank you for making your presence known yesterday. It was wonderful to stop and chat with the police as the kids trick or treated and thank you for handing out trick or treat bags.

Agne Tolkaciovaite

My boys made a new friend! Thank you Alsip PD


Heads-up from a follower about an alleged parking violation:

  • Sal Pinto you guys need to start enforcing the residential zoning parking ord.i have a 1 ton tow truck that parks on my street all day and all night,and in front of —my house at 116 & kenton .


And overwhelmingly positive response following the Oct. 3 events:

  • Gaby Arias Love how Alsip police takes time to answer on comments and most of all love to see them drive by my street more then 2 times a day making sure everyone is safe!! THANK YOU!!!
  • Brian Allen Love that the Police Department and community backs its officers.
  • Michael A. Triggs Thanks for always doing your best to keep all residents safe. You are all very much appreciated! God Bless You.
  • Donna Earll-Maslovitz Thank you Alsip PD. Always proud
  • Andy Tourves Great work. Thank you for removing this trash from the street!
  • Mary Lou Poremba Thanks, BLUE, for doing your usual good job
  • Tad Dymanus Great work boys in blue you have our support with pride
  • Anna Marie Wail-Esparza Thanks and great job APD. Glad the officers are ok. God bless.
  • John Darge I support my brothers and good friends at Alsip Police Dept. Much love and respect -stay safe.
  • Erica Christine The fact that they had to issue this long statement to defend their actions makes me angry! Kudos to Alsip police and thank you for keeping people safe!
  • Cindy Sarna Thank you for the update and so happy to hear the Officers were not seriously injured
    Great Job 💙
  • Lois Paul Maslanka Very happy to hear the officers are both ok. You do what you have to do to protect yourselves. And I’ll leave it at that. And yes you did a great job!!
  • Ryan Koehler Oh well. Shouldn’t have tried to run him over. I’m not a cop and if you try and run me over imma shoot them too.
    Good job!
  • Lynn Murray Thank you to the States Attorney for bring charges that fit. Alsip citizens stand behind our men in Blue. #AlsipStrong

Community Update and Videos Oct. 25

The following information update is based on an ongoing investigation that is evolving as forensic evidence is analyzed, witnessed are interviewed, and physical and electronic records are reviewed. The Alsip Police Department’s understanding of the facts and circumstances may change as additional evidence is collected.

An offender ignored police commands, drove his vehicle at an Alsip PD officer, and crashed into an Alsip PD squad Oct. 3. Photo by Alsip PD.

The Alsip Police Department shared video footage today from the Oct. 3 event where an Alsip Police officer responding to drag racing in a residential area shot an offender who disobeyed orders, drove his vehicle at the officer, and hit two squad cars.

The offender, Jamal Campbell, 25, last known address of Chicago, had a history of violence and a warrant for dangerous drugs in Indiana. The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office has charged the offender with one count of Attempted Murder and two counts of Aggravated Assault with a Motor Vehicle.

“Motor vehicles are deadly weapons, and offenders everywhere from New York to Europe have used them to drive at, injure, and kill hundreds of innocent people in just the last two years alone,” said Alsip Police Chief Jay Miller.

Illinois law protects the right of individuals and officers to defend themselves using force to prevent death or great bodily harm, and no Alsip police officer has been charged with any crime. The offender sustained two gunshot wounds and was in stable condition Oct. 3 at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn.

“The offender chose to endanger families’ lives when he chose to race in their neighborhood, he chose to ignore lawful police commands, and he chose to drive his vehicle at our officer. Those choices the offender made put several lives in danger that night, including his own,” Chief Miller said.

An offender ignored police commands, drove his vehicle at an Alsip PD officer, and crashed into an Alsip PD squad Oct. 3. Photo by Alsip PD.

The Alsip officer who protected himself from the offender has returned to work, as has his partner. This was their first officer-involved shooting, and they have good records with the department and have received commendations for their work over the years.

“We thank everyone for their outpouring of support as we all work together to serve, protect, and keep our community safe,” Chief Miller said. “Our department is committed to transparency, and we’re grateful to now be able to share the footage with our community, the media, and general public.”

View and download raw, unedited videos here.

View the Oct. 3 community update here.

Those with information are encouraged to contact the police department tip line at 708-385-6902 Ext. 272. Requests for information can be send to Chief Jay Miller at